Luke O’Neil

Chair of Biochemistry

Luke O’Neill is the multi talented and popular academic, best selling author, columnist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, musician and speaker. During and after the Pandemic, he was a familiar reassuring voice on why and how Science prevails and for society to trust the process. He continues to inform and communicate on the positives that Science brings, to trust the experts and for each of us to become more knowledgeable about this amazing world and to value our humanity.

Luke has held the Chair of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin since 2008. In the same year, he was appointed Chair of the Immunity and Infection panel of the European Research Council. An immunologist, his research is in the area of the molecular basis to inflammatory diseases, with a particular interest in pro-inflammatory cytokines and Toll-like receptors. He has published nearly 400 scientific papers and is in the top 1% of Immunologists in the world, based on citation per pape.

Luke is a prolific author of popular science books : – his latest book is ‘What Make us Human: A Scientist’s Guide to our Amazing Existence”, published in 2022. What do we have in common with the 7.75 billion other people on the planet? This is the question that Luke attempts to answer in this book for young readers, adapted from his bestselling book for adults, Humanology: A Scientist’s Guide to our Amazing Existence.